About Nicky Hart

My husband and I compete for the weekly 'Nicky Slot'! For 2 magnificent hours you are transported to another world, without even having to leave the room! The entire experience is like a complete body makeover, without any surgery! The well-being feeling continues to last well into the week. We highly recommend this treatment.

– Debra and Harvey Alexander

I enjoy every moment and feel wonderful after your therapy - it is like passive Pilates.

– Dr Bela Reed, Clinical Specialist, Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow, Middlesex

Dealing with Nicky was a pleasure she responded to my emails very quickly and professionally. I had a Thai Massage a few days later and it was quite an experience. My whole body felt like it had had a hard but pleasurable work out. Nicky was inspired confidence and was professional throughout.

I would definitely repeat the experience.

– Dr. D. J. Dalgleish, Bournemouth

The Teambuilding workshop for my staff was excellent, both fun and beneficial.

– Debbie Davis, FRFC Finance, Barclays Bank, Poole

My team certainly would not have completed the sixty mile Trail walk for Oxfam without Nicky’s treatments and support. The Blood Stops and leg stretches were really effective and so were the revitalisation treatments as I do not think any of the team suffered from sleep deprivation, which considering we were up at 5.30am on the Saturday and finished walking at 12.41pm on the Sunday was amazing.

– Richard Dods, IBSO Operations Manager, JPMorgan Chase, Bournemouth

I send you a big Thank You from myself and the group for guiding us through two great sessions. That which remains with me is your immense enthusiasm for the therapy you practice. I hope that you in return gained something from your visit.

– Jan Mooser, Tai Chi Retreat, Trust House, Fortmalmagna, Blandford, Dorset

I feel really, chilled. It was excellent. I like the way the massage covered every part of the body. It felt tied in with the Yoga that I practice. The back was my favourite part of the massage. I have more energy, and the massage cheered me up. Best massage ever had (had a few!)

– Rachel Bank, Citibank financial analyst, London

I feel so relaxed and would like to feel like this before I went to sleep. I feel relaxed – definitely chilled. I enjoyed the stretches and this was my favourite part of the massage. I could have one of these every day!

– Ibe Amacchi, City Trader, London

My headache is definitely gone. The pressure points on my face, temples, eyes and scapula were good. Walking on my back stretch and shoulder stretches definitely helped. Afterwards, I felt great, very sleepy – lot of tension is gone.

– Venessa Marshall, Reiki and Swedish massage Teacher, Essex

I completed a Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner Course in 2005 at the School of Thai Yoga Massage, London where Nicky Hart was a Class Assistant to Kira Balaskas. I found Nicky very helpful and caring giving me a lot of advice and direction in learning Thai Massage as well as useful tips on marketing. She was very willing to help and encouraging. She is inspiring and fun.

– Rich Varney, Thai Yoga Massage Therapist and professional dancer

I recently came back from Thailand and had had a fantastic Thai Massage in a luxurious Spa in Bangkok – However, Nicky’s Thai Yoga Massage was even better the stretches were absolutely great!. Nicky understood my needs as a dancer and helped my injuries very well.

– Loretta Wong